Brown County Municipal Court – Detention Center

Welcome to The Brown County Municipal Court Site. Here you’ll discover data regarding the activities of the court, just as open archives, data on the managing Judge and Officer, and access to all court looked after cases.

On the off chance that you have been accused of a traffic infraction or offense in Brown County, your case will probably be heard at the Municipal Court. Crimes might be charged at the Municipal Court or Normal Supplications level, so make certain to twofold check where your case is being dealt with under the steady gaze of heading to court. Brown County Municipal Court additionally handles little cases and common suits of up to $15,000.

About Magistrate Bastin

Dexter K. Bastin fills in as the Court’s Justice and manages criminal and traffic dockets as alluded to him by Judge Joseph Worley.

Justice Bastin specialized in legal matters since 1977 and has filled in as an Officer in Brown County Municipal Court since 2006. He has filled in as Boss Aide Investigator in Brown County and as a Judge in the Brown County Basic Requests Court.

Judge Bastin has Filled in as Leader of the Clermont County Bar Affiliation, the Williamsburg Leading group of Instruction, the Williamsburg Rotational and the Clermont County YMCA.

What is Handled at the Brown County Municipal Court?

The Brown County Municipal Court documents and procedures traffic references, criminal accusations the two offenses and lawful offenses.

  • Little Cases documented up to the measure of $3000.00
  • Common suits documented up to the measure of $15,000.00
  • Common suits (removals)

Court Personnel

The rundown underneath incorporates all work force of The Brown County Municipal Court just as their relating email addresses, when material.


L. Clark Gray

Chief Deputy Clerk:

Wendy Wagner

Deputy Clerks:

April Bissantz

Geri Cracraft

Susan Taylor

Trish Ellis

Chief Probation Officer:

Dale Anderson


Steve Conrad

Karen Green

Bond/Waiver Fees for Domestic Violence

according to segment 2919.251 orc, all people who are accused of the commission of any offense of savagery and if the supposed casualty was a family and family part and are not required to show up under the watchful eye of the court for the setting of bail will have bail set under sec. 2919.251 orc and whose bond has not been set by the court in any case will be represented by this timetable for bail area.

The Court in setting this nonappearance bond plan under Sec. 2919.25(C) will consider the entirety of the calculate recorded Sec. 2919.251(B), except if the Court arranges something else, the Court sets bond at $1000 for anybody accused of commission of an offense of abusive behavior at home as per segment 2919.25, ORC or comparative law whose bond has not been set by a court in a compulsory court appearance in accordance with and as per Sec. 2919.251(A) ORC.

Any respondent discharged upon bond must avoid the complainant and/or claimed casualty pending the audit of the bond at litigant’s first appearance in court. Documentation of this additional state of discharge ought to be joined to any report given the litigant planning his/her next court appearance. No special cases of this court requested time of seclusion from the complainant or casualty will be allowed without composed consent of court.

All lawful offense bonds will be set by the Court according to Criminal Principle 46.

any respondent discharged from prison according to this bond plan must show up in court at the assigned date and time gave the litigant upon discharge from authority. the respondent must keep the court educated with respect to a present location consistently and stay of good conduct while discharged.

Brown County Detention Center, Ohio

The Brown County Prison is driven by Chief Heidi Michel. Chief Michel has been with the Sheriff’s Office for a long time. She has a Four-year college education in Criminal Equity from College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Skipper Michel has worked in every division of the prison, including adolescents, females, Huber, and lock up, just as a field preparing official. In 2001 she was elevated to allow corporal and in 2010 she was elevated to Lieutenant. In 2018 Commander Michel was elevated to her present situation as Prison Skipper.

Inmate Money

Prisoners are not allowed to have cash while detained. For every prisoner with cash at the hour of booking, or who gets cash while detained, a detainee record will be built up. Prisoners may utilize their record to arrange things from our grocery store menu two times per week. Detainees are not allowed to get things by some other methods.

Step by step instructions to send cash to a detainee: All finances must be as a cash request or guaranteed check made payable to the prisoner and sent through the US Postal Assistance or dropped off at the Brown County Sheriff s Office in the Drop Box in the front entryway. We don’t acknowledge money or individual checks. Endless supply of a cash request or affirmed check, it will be credited to the prisoners account.

Upon discharge, the prisoner will be advised of their record balance. The check with their outstanding equalization will be mai prompted the location given at time of booking, inside 7-10 business days.

Prisoners are not allowed to discharge any assets from their record.

Inmate Mail

You may keep in touch with a prisoner by tending to your letter to the detainee, c/o Brown County Sheriff s Office 750 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown, Ohio 45121. All mail is opened and reviewed for stash by Detention Center staff before conveyance to the prisoner. Any cash arranges or confirmed checks are expelled and credited to the detainees account. All correspondence must be sent through the US Postal Assistance. No clear paper or envelopes sent through the mail will be given to the prisoner. Detainees won’t get any mail that has been showered with scent, if so, it will be come back to sender. Just (5) photographs can be sent in at once. Any photographs regarded wrong will be put in the detainee’s property.


The Brown County Sheriff’s Office works a detainee grocery store from which prisoners may arrange things that incorporate cleanliness things, candy, chips, snacks, stepped envelopes, paper, pens, espresso and table games. All grocery store things must be requested here. No outside things of any sort can be gotten.

Certain things will be acknowledged as a gift for the utilization everything being equal. This incorporates soft cover books and table games not sold from the store. These must be endorsed by the Prison Director, new and fixed in the container and are dependent upon investigation. All gifts become the property of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Indigent Inmates

Prisoners can buy paper, security ink pens and stepped envelopes through the supermarket to send letters. Any prisoner resolved to be poor can get one needy bundle seven days. Each bundle contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, cleanser, antiperspirant, cleanser, three pieces of paper and two stepped envelopes. A charge is put against the detainees account and the sum gathered should the prisoner get any assets later.

Telephone Calls

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office keeps up four telephones in each lodging unit. The prisoners approach the telephones to make gather calls to their preferred people. Detainees may likewise buy prisoner calling cards through the supermarket which permits the prisoner to call legitimately with no charge to the individual being called. No different kinds of calling cards are allowed. A modernized record is kept up of each call made and all calls are recorded. Approaching calls are not acknowledged nor are messages given to the detainee to make calls.